Top 5 Writing Service That Are Not Safe

You should know by now that maybe more than 50% of the academic paper writing services on the Internet are backed/ran by scammers. Others provide works of such poor quality that you feel tempted to call your professor at 2 A.M. just to let him/her know you do suck, but not as much as that paper reflects.

Let me show you five such companies you should call the cops on before ordering papers from then and ruining your nerves.

1. Evolution Writers

EvolutionWriters review

Evolution Writers are still in the Anthropocene. They’ve got all the ingredients for a terrible company: screaming-worthy quality, higher than average prices, inexperienced writers and a cornucopia of bad EvolutionWriters reviews from students who made the mistake of ordering from them.

2. Superior Papers

superior papers review

Inferior is the new superior, in case you didn’t know. The SuperiorPapers writers don’t seem to be familiar with the notion of “deadline”, their grammar leaves a great deal to be desired and, as a consequence, your paper will be a cesspool of mediocrity. Good thing they’ve got a misleading name.

For your own good, keep on searching or take the high road, get two Starbucks coffees in your system and at least attempt to write it yourself. You can do it.

3. Essay Shark

EssayShark review

Remember all the blood and wounds on “Jaws”? Cool. That’s how your papers are going to look like if you work with EssayShark services. It’s not all bad. The quality is sub-par, but better than the one offered by other companies.

The resources they use, however, are way older than academic circles give the green light to. Moreover, because writers bid on papers, you might end up paying fortunes for your papers.

4. My Paper Writer

MyPaperWriter review

Not mine, that’s for sure. I’ve never seen such high MyPaperWriter prices for such faulty papers in my entire lives, and I’ve cheated my way around some assignments, believe me. Absolutely hallucinating!

You don’t even get to see the prices before your paper is done. And afterwards, you might need a loan or a good lawyer. Jesus almighty, deliver us from bastards.

5. Best Custom Writing

Best Custom Writing review

Calling this hub of illiterate writers “best” anything would be like calling cyanide “best” painkiller. BestCustomWriting writers have no background in English. They might be from Nepal. After the earthquake.

My kid, who’s 4, by the way, has better grammar than most of these clowns. Moreover, he’s able to format a paper 10 times better than “best” Custom Writing. Absolutely and utterly, mind-blowingly atrocious.

Concluding Remarks

Here you go, now you know five services that are in no way fit to provide written works to students. Or kindergarten children, for that matter. Unfortunately, this is merely the fragile tip of an iceberg the size of South Africa.

It would take one year to expose all the lo-fi paper writing services spread all over the Internet like cultural cancer. If you’ve had any bad experiences until now, then don’t be silent. Stand up for yourself and others who might give these “writers” money.